What is the difference between anti-pilling polar fleece and ordinary fabrics?

Anti-pilling Polar fleece is woven on a large circular knitting machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is first dyed, and then processed by various complex finishing processes such as napping, combing, shearing, and polarizing. The front side of the fabric is napped. The ball has sparse and well-proportioned hair on the reverse side, short hairs, clear texture, and excellent fluffy elasticity.

It is the first choice for domestic winter protection in the past two years. Spandex (up to 5%) and T/R anti-pilling polar fleece can be added during the weaving process of anti-pilling polar fleece, and the technology needs further improvement.

Special treatment on the fabric, for example, adding anti-static additives, anti-flame retardant additives, infrared additives and so on. For some special anti-pilling polar fleece, for example, the antistatic fiber is added to the fabric during the weaving process, and the anti-pilling polar fleece with this kind of fiber is still not much in the domestic market. anti-pilling polar fleece can also be compounded with all fabrics to make the effect of keeping out the cold better.

For example: anti-pilling polar fleece and anti-pilling polar fleece composite, anti-pilling polar fleece and denim composite, anti-pilling polar fleece and lamb fleece composite, anti-pilling polar fleece and mesh fabric composite with waterproof and breathable film in the middle, and so on. In terms of the price of anti-pilling polar fleece, the width of anti-pilling polar fleece in China is generally about 150cm, some are as wide as 230cm, and the gram weight ranges from 180 to 450g.

The price should consider the cost of raw materials, weaving, weaving loss, dyeing cost, dyeing loss and finishing and other labor costs. In terms of fabric prices, the cheapest is the Zhejiang market, but Changshu in Jiangsu is also relatively cheap. anti-pilling polar fleece fabric is already a popular fabric with low price and high taste.

   Windproof fleece: Since the fleece was not windproof earlier, it needs to be used in conjunction with the outer layer, which limits the use of fleece to a certain extent.

Some manufacturers have improved the windproof performance while maintaining the original performance through improvements. At the same time, other comprehensive performances have also been greatly improved.

I call it windproof fleece, which is actually not accurate. But because the improvement of windproof performance is the key point, so let’s make it simple, forgive me!

There are two forms of this kind of fleece that I currently see, one is dense fleece; the other is composite. The so-called dense fleece is to increase the fleece density of the fabric and increase the windproof performance of the fabric. The composite form is indeed much more complicated.

It is basically a three-layer sandwich structure. The windproof performance of the fabric is greatly improved through the middle film. Different materials, the changes of this type of fabric can be imagined.


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