What is the difference between bonded polar fleece and double-sided polar fleece?

The Bonded polar fleece is made of two kinds of the same quality or different polar fleece through the laminating machine processing, and then stick together. Double-sided polar fleece is a double-sided polar fleece treated by pilling. The price is generally relatively higher for Bonded polar fleece. But for general blankets, there are more Bonded polar fleece, but some customers need two kinds of polar fleece of the same quality to be sewn together, no composite, but that kind of washing is not very convenient. In addition, there are more polar fleece filaments for blankets.

The use and cleaning of polar fleece fabric

1. The use of polar fleece fabric

Polar fleece has a wide range of uses. It can be made into bedding, carpets, overcoats, jackets, vests, windbreakers, cheerleader logos, cashmere gloves, scarves, hats, pillows, cushions, etc.

2. Cleaning of polar fleece fabric

(1) First check the stains of the fleece fabric. If there are local stains, you can hand wash the special laundry liquid stock solution to the stain, completely cover the stain and let it stand for five minutes, and then add the laundry liquid for regular washing.

(2) If you find that the polar fleece is yellowing, you must wash it in time. Adding an appropriate amount of neutral detergent to the water can remove the yellow stains well and make the clothes glow with bright colors. The effect of using rice cleaning water to remove yellow stains is also very good. Generally, it is necessary to soak in rice cleaning water for an hour, and moderate scrubbing can achieve the effect.

What kind of fabric is polar fleece

1. Polar fleece is a kind of knitted fabric. It is woven on a large circular machine and then presented to the world after a series of complicated processes such as dyeing, napping, combing, shearing, and polarizing.

2. Polar fleece can be divided into plain and printed. Plain polar fleece can be divided into striped polar fleece, embossed polar fleece, jacquard fleece and so on according to personal requirements. Printing can be divided into more than 200 varieties of colors, such as penetration printing, paddle printing, and transfer printing color strips, according to different sizes.

3. In the early 1990s, polar fleece was first produced in Taiwan, China, at a relatively high price, and then gradually produced in Changshu, Wuxi and Changzhou in Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

The difference between polar fleece and coral fleece

Polar fleece, also known as sheep velvet, is a knitted fabric, woven by a large circular machine, and its structure is a small ingot knitted structure. It was first produced in Taiwan, China in the 1990s. The fleece fabric has a fluffy texture, dense fleece, good heat preservation, not easy to pilling, and not easy to shed. The hair on the front is smooth and clear, and the hair on the reverse is sparse and well-proportioned. Because its composition is polyester, the material itself is delicate and soft, the pattern is clear, fluffy, and elastic. It is the first choice for cold-proof fabrics on the market in the past two years. When polar fleece is mixed with other fabrics, the cold-proof effect is often more obvious.

The raw material of coral fleece is polyester fiber, a fabric that has only emerged in the past ten years. Coral fleece is named coral fleece because of its high fiber density and light body, similar to coral. Coral fleece has a strong water absorption capacity, so when it first entered the market, it was a substitute for bath towels and bathrobes. Later, after technological improvement and the complication of the production process, coral fleece became softer and more diverse in color, without balling or fading. Coral fleece is now mainly used in two areas of clothing and bedding. Coral fleece blankets, quilts, pillowcases, etc. are very popular.

The characteristics of coral fleece are: soft, non-balling, non-fading, strong heat preservation, and strong water absorption. The raw material of coral fleece is fiber, so it is easy to generate static electricity. When washing, you can only use neutral detergent, plus an appropriate amount of softener.

The characteristics of polar fleece are: warmth, it is a more popular warmth-keeping fabric, good elasticity, short hair, no static electricity, and soft hand feeling. Use weak alkaline or neutral detergent when washing. The fleece of polar fleece is shorter and smoother.

Which is better, polar fleece or coral fleece? It is recommended to buy fleece for cold-proof clothing, and coral fleece is more suitable for bed linen and close-fitting clothing.


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