2022 Top 3 Lining Taffeta Fabrics

Taffeta lining fabric is commonly heard of as clothing lining or bag lining. It refers to the material used to partially or entirely cover the inside of the clothing. But how much do you know about this particular fabric? This article mainly introduces three most welcomed lining taffeta fabrics globally in 2022: polyester taffeta, nylon taffeta and polyetser pongee. And explains from the aspect of fabric characteristics, main uses, and technology trends.

1. Polyester Taffeta

1.1 Introduction

Polyester taffeta is a woven fabric, which is made of synthetic fiber. It has a smooth hand feel, non-sticky, elastic, bright and dazzling, colorful and eye-catching, not easy to wrinkle. The shrinkage rate is less than 5%. Its filament thickness is uniform, not easy Tear-off.

1.2 Characteristics

Polyester taffeta made by 100% polyester yarn. After dyeing, finishing, and processing, it has the functions of waterproof, fireproof, antifouling, cold-proof, antistatic, and matte. The main specifications are plain weave, twill weave, stripes, lattice, jacquard, etc.

Polyester taffeta main specification: 190T, 210T, 230T, 290T, 300T, 350T, 400T, etc.. Different spec mean different yarns. For example the raw material of 190T polyester taffeta is polyester FDY63D/24F. And regular width is 150cm.

1.3 Usage

Polyester taffeta is suitable for jackets, windbreakers, down jackets, umbrellas, car covers, sportswear, handbags, bags, sleeping bags, tents, artificial flowers, shower curtains, table cloths, chair covers and various high-end clothing linings. Polyester taffeta is also a traditional fabric of chemical fiber fabrics. It was once famous for a while, but its sales decreased with the rise of other new chemical fiber fabrics.

1.4 Trends

In recent years, taffeta manufacturers have applied matte yarns. The polyester taffeta fabrics entered the market with a colorful new look. For using matte polyester yarns, the fabric color is softer, beautiful. It is used on casual wear, sportswear, children’s clothing, etc. There are as many as dozens of colors, and the upper body is ready to be worn, which is fashionable and beautiful and adds attractive charm. Due to its beautiful appearance and low price, the matte polyester taffeta is very popular among users.

2. Nylon Taffeta

2.1 Introduction

Nylon taffeta (Nylon taffeta), also known as nylon spinning. It is a spun silk fabric made of nylon filament. The fabric composition is 100% nylon. The material of warp and weft is 70D. The fabric weave is plain weave and change weave (diamond lattice, nylon hexagonal lattice, nylon Oxford lattice).

2.2 Characteristics

There are many derivatives of nylon spinning, which are called nylon spinning. It includes twill, satin, lattice, and jacquard. Generally, according to the weight per square meter, it can be divided into medium thickness (80g/m2) and thin type (40g/m2).

2.3 Usage

After whitening, dyeing, printing, calendering, embossing nylon spinning, the fabric is flat and dense; the silk surface is smooth, the hand feels soft, light and thin, strong and wear-resistant, bright color, easy to wash and quick to dry. Mainly used as men’s and women’s clothing fabrics. Coated nylon is not permeable to wind, water and has anti-down properties. It is used for ski jackets, raincoats, sleeping bags, and mountaineering clothes.

2.4 Trends

Nylon spinning does not need to twist the warp and weft. The green silk needs to be refined, dyed or printed, and heat-set. It can also be used to roll various patterns and wrinkles by using the thermoplasticity of nylon filaments. There are many ways to post-process nylon spun silk; some can be refined, dyed or printed; some can be calendered or embossed; some can be coated.

3. Polyester Pongee

3.1 Introduction

Polyester Pongee, commonly known as rainproof fabric, can also be called “coated nylon spun”. Its cloth surface is flat and smooth, the texture is light and durable, it has good elasticity and gloss, does not shrink, easy to wash, quick-drying, and feels good.

3.2 Characteristics

The most common varieties of polyester pongee are semi-elastic pongee, full-elastic pongee, and matte pongee, etc.

”Semi-elastic pongee“ is made of polyester FDY60D/24F, and is made of plain weave weave on a water jet loom. The grey fabric is processed by processes such as softening, weight reduction, dyeing, and setting. The fabric surface expresses its style characteristics with the luster of polyester silk.

“Full stretch pongee” has a wide range of varieties and complete specifications. Among them, 240T and 300T are the most popular in the market. The warp and weft of the fabric are interwoven with polyester DTY75D/72F (network silk), and the fabric is flat (1/2 twill, 1/ 3 Twill) texture woven.

“Matte pongee” belongs to the family of full elastic pongee series. It is made of polyester matting DTY75D/72F or 50D/72F (network yarn). One of the fabric specifications is 300T and is woven with a plain weave double change texture.

3.3 Usage

“Semi-elastic pongee” fabrics have been used to make suits, suits, jackets, children’s wear, professional wear and other lining accessories. Nowadays, with the development of domestic exhibitions and advertising, the demand for flags is increasing day by day.

After different finishing processes, “Full stretch pongee” has a wide range of uses. It can be used to make down jackets, casual jackets, children’s wear, etc., waterproof coating fabrics can also be used to make waterproof clothing, umbrellas, ponchos, awnings, etc.

“Matte pongee” can be made into autumn casual jackets, children’s clothing, etc.

3.4 Trends

The textile industry has revised its products. In addition to the use of matting silk raw materials and weaving process innovation, the post-dyeing and finishing process is also extended, with increased density, softer feel and expanded functions. The weaving styles of polyester pongee include plain weave, twill weave, solid strip, five-piece, jacquard, etc., forming a series of marketable fabrics all year round.


In the 2022 Top 3 Lining Taffeta Fabrics, these kinds of fabrics are summarized: polyester taffeta, nylon spun, pongee, which are used on clothing and bags to form a different style, bringing a different temperament, but they are all sucking Eyes are very fashionable.


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