What is the difference between 5% spandex and 100% cotton?

The main purpose of adding spandex is to increase the elasticity of the fabric. With this 5% spandex, small size clothes can fit a baby elephant.

I guess the two pieces of fabric you touched are not on the same horizontal line. When designing the experiment, other variables need to be unified, leaving only one difference.

Therefore, the other elements of this experiment should be unified: yarn count, weaving process, and finishing method. The only difference is that one raw material is pure cotton and the other is cotton yarn mixed with 5% spandex.

The actual difference between 100% cotton and 5% spandex fabric is the elasticity of the fabric. To be honest, it is difficult to distinguish the feel by touching the fabric without pulling the fabric.

As far as knitted fabrics are concerned, cotton can be used as non-slim-fit T-shirts, while those with spandex are slim-fitting, especially for ladies.

In addition, answer your questions below.

1. Does the difference of 5% spandex affect the ventilation of the clothes greatly?

It hardly affects.

2. Is it true that the higher the count of clothes, the more comfortable it will be. Will the higher count affect the breathability of pure cotton?

No, the higher the count, the finer the yarn, the finer the fabric, the more high-end, the subject can go to the shirt counter in the mall to feel the feel of the shirt fabric of 200, the price difference compared with the brand of 80 How many.

3. Is the count of 5% spandex 95% pure cotton and 100% pure cotton the same under the same workmanship cost, or is it easy to make a high count for one of them to make clothes more comfortable?

Spandex fiber is more difficult to be made into high-count yarn, because the general spandex yarn is core-spun yarn, that is, a layer of short cotton yarn fiber is wrapped around the spandex filament fiber, while the ordinary cotton yarn is directly “twisted” into the yarn by the short cotton yarn fiber. String. Therefore, high-count spandex yarn is more difficult to spin.

Of course, high counts are not necessarily comfortable, and high counts must be matched with high densities. If a gauze is woven from a high-count fabric, it is also a pad of a steamer bottom.

There is a “number of needles” in woven bedding fabrics, that is, the density of warp and weft yarns. If a fabric is labeled 133*72, it means that there are 133 warps and 72 wefts in one square inch of the fabric. The number of stitches of this fabric is 133+72=205. If a hotel’s brochure says that its sheets are 400 stitches, it should be a five-star hotel.


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